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My Tree Care are a professional tree care company working in Essex & London. We continuously create & keep valued customers through quality workmanship & innovation. As testament to our commitment to innovation we provide the only instant online quoting system for tree work in the UK! Our aim is to give the customer an experience that makes them glad they chose My Tree Care!


Is a method of pruning that keeps trees smaller than they would naturally grow.Originally used for coppicing It is now normally started once a tree reaches a certain height, and cyclical pollarding will restrict the growth to that height.

Pollarding is beneficial for a wide range of reasons, it is an effective way to reduce the amount of shade cast by trees, it prevents trees from outgrowing their local environment, can reduce the risk of branch failure and can also be necessary for urban environments where trees might hinder neighbouring properties or utility services.

Crown Reductions

A reduction in height & to the overall spread of the crown!

To make the tree more suited to its immediate environment. To reduce mechanical stresses on individual branches or the entire tree. To allow more light into your garden.

Crown Thinning

A removal of some of the smaller branches within the crown to produce a uniform density throughout!

This will allow more light through. This will reduce wind resistance that can lead to branch failure. This cleans up the crown.

Dead Wooding

The removal of dead wood from the tree.

Dead Wood is dangerous, it can become brittle & fail.It is good practice to reduce the liability of the tree to potentially harming the public or damaging property.

Tree Felling

A smooth removal of the tree often by rigging & dismantling in small manageable sections!

The tree is dying/dead &/or dangerous. The tree is inappropriate size/species for the location. The structural integrity of the tree has been compromised.

Crown Lifting

To increase the amount of clearance between the ground & the lowest branches of the tree.

To facilitate site access / usage & to clear sight lines.

Formative Pruning

To influence the structure of a young tree.

To help produce a tree that in maturity will be less prone to any major physical weaknesses & complement the desired objectives for its location.

Sectional Tree Felling (Rigging and Dismantle)

The safe dismantling of branches & trees using ropes, pulleys & rigging systems.

Dismantling and Rigging uses craning points in the tree to lower branches down instead of dropping them. The trunk can also then be lowered down off itself so that the risk of damage to objects under the tree is mitigated.

Storm Damage Repair

Works on trees that have been injured or compromised by stormy weather.

To make safe. To help preserve the bio mechanical integrity of the tree

Dead, Dying and Dangerous Tree Work

Work carried out on dangerous, dead or dying trees.Usually removal.

While Dead trees can play an important role in many environments playing host to a number of beasties; more often than not they will be mechanically unsafe for the urban landscape where they interact with us.

Stump Grinding and Removal

A grinding out/removal of the stump-usually to a depth of 150mm below ground level but often completely!

To facilitate building/landscaping works and new use of the area where the stump exists. To remove the decayed stump as it is a trip hazard/inappropriate location/unsightly. To reduce the spread of honey fungus.


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